Vet Services

Why our clients love Parkside Vets...

Great folks who looked after our poorly and very nervous cat with great care and understanding.
Paul Campbell
Paul C.
22:19 21 Jan 19
Very professional and helpful really made us feel at ease and on call for any assistance thank you very much
Richard Jones
Richard J.
16:28 16 May 19
My dog had an operation to remove a lump from his head recently and I swear the care and love I seen towards him before and after his op from the staff was amazing they are 10/10 in my book and I would recommend them to everyone, great atmosphere, friendly and so welcoming, I can't say names but the vet who did my dogs operation your a gem and I'm so glad for the care you gave and are still giving my dog I thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤❤
Mandy Mackenzie
Mandy M.
14:09 14 Jan 19
Great vets and nurses who provide excellent support to pets of all shapes and sizes!
Caroline Peters
Caroline P.
06:40 25 Apr 19
Great vets - we've always taken Ragnar here. Very fair prices and the staff are fantastic.
Craig Falconer
Craig F.
15:45 30 Nov 18
Brilliant Vets, reasonably priced, lovely staff wouldn't go anywhere else !
Rebecca Engebretsen
Rebecca E.
19:25 23 Apr 19
Very pleased with service.
Alison Healy
Alison H.
09:06 01 Feb 19
I had to visit the Monifieth branch with my 16 year old dog had him from he was a baby. ❤️ It wasn't good and he was pts. However the ladies there where amazing thankyou both. ❤️ I received a card today and forget me nots to plant💕 what a lovely thing to do. Thankyou all. 💕
Keith Lorraine Dorothy
Keith Lorraine D.
20:44 19 Apr 19
Vets and nurses all fab. Great pet care and advice provided. 😊
Craig Gallacher
Craig G.
10:57 23 Jan 19
Can anyone remind me of the male vet who is particularly good with bulldog breed, I thought his name was Phil Spittal but I’m informed I’m wrong..! Help..
Ged Page
Ged P.
12:17 15 Apr 19
Great service, friendly staff. You know your pet is in good hands.
Martin Mundy
Martin M.
08:58 14 Apr 17
My Kyra had to have her tail docked. Thank you so much for all the care you gave her. Only place in the world she doesn't mind other animals. Each and everyone one of u are amazing x
Vivienne Fairley
Vivienne F.
08:31 14 Apr 19
Phoned in morning and appointment offered same day. Friendly staff and Vet explained carefully what was happening really well carefully
Neil Gellatly
Neil G.
19:28 14 Jan 19
i have all my animals from rabbits to horse's registered here and i can not fault them one bit!! although there is the odd vet that i refuses to use but apart from them the rest are pretty good and with my dog being ill i tend to vist every other month with him. ive noticed that sometimes i get charged £30+ for a follow-up consultation and then theres numerous times i don't?. i seriously cant thank Frazer (especially), Allan and Stuart enough for all they're hard work over the years with him and i would definitely recommend laura? for rabbits and katie. the reception staff are also amazing! they have help me during distress situations and have never once made me feel uncomfortable especially when ive forgotten my purse and are always friendly.
Cassandra Alannah
Cassandra A.
14:15 26 Mar 19
Friendly staff and very helpful
Doug Sloan
Doug S.
21:17 23 Feb 19
I can't thank Richard enough from the equine section. Today Silver stood on a nail whilst out on a hack, I phoned Richard who instantly helped me and guided me through what to do. Through photos and phone calls we managed to get the nail out safely and Silver is now tucked up in bed ready for a pyjama day tomorrow! Thank you so much Richard, don't know what I would have done without you!
Joanne Lyon
Joanne L.
21:39 17 Mar 19
Excellent facility with friendly knowledgeable staff. Reasonable rates comparable to others in the area. Handy parking at the rear if the street parking out front is busy.
Scott McDonald
Scott M.
12:42 26 Jul 18
One of our rescue cats, Shilo, was a nervous soul (and for almost all of his life, very strong and active) and we only ever managed to get him to the vet twice in the 10 years we had him. Once was to be told that treating either of his conditions would worsen the other so "we should maybe make a decision in the next couple of weeks" ... and the other, at the end of that couple of weeks. Staff could not have been kinder when my daughter and I were sobbing wrecks, gave us a fresh blanket to take him home in, and then sent us a beautiful sympathy card with forget-me-not seeds in. Much appreciated. Thank you 😽
Sarah Proctor
Sarah P.
12:10 23 Feb 19
Great vets. A little pricey. But you are paying for quality service
paul kelly
paul K.
21:49 09 Jan 19
We attended our first Puppy Party at Barnhill Surgery yesterday. What a wonderful experience for both myself and Molly the Collie Wendy and Fraya were so helpful and patient with us. Would highly recommend them and are so looking forward to our next Oarty.Dorothy & Molly the Collie
Alex Brown
Alex B.
19:54 06 Feb 19
Audrey Garland
Audrey G.
23:50 22 Dec 13
Parkside Vets in Barnhill are brilliant. I recently attended a puppy party with my Beagle pup. Wendy 'The Dog Whisperer' (no joke!!) was very knowledgeable, I learnt so much just in that hour. Wendy really boosted my confidence too which has encouraged me to keep training Lexi. I only wish Wendy did a follow on class I could attend now Lexi is 17 weeks and too old to attend the puppy class. I would love to have the opportunity to be guided by Wendy through training sessions with Lexi. Please let me know if it's something you're going you start. Many thanks
Sealz Snraem
Sealz S.
21:39 05 Feb 19
Parkside vets are fantastic! I have my two cats registered there. And a previous cat who sadly passed away last year. They were very good with her regarding treatment and all the staff are very friendly and professional. 5*
Katy Finlay
Katy F.
13:05 24 Jan 19
My wee cat is very nervous and not good with strangers and everyone at the barnhill practice were she is registered are so good with her. The staff are always lovely and so helpful. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
Kirsten Hendry
Kirsten H.
20:33 01 Feb 19
Can’t say in 25 characters but Luna story be up soon ❤️❤️
Jacqui Croll
Jacqui C.
17:26 17 Jan 19
Friendly exceptional service!
Irene Hunter
Irene H.
23:03 11 Jan 19
Vets are the best at Parkside Vets .. That's for sure .. I have been a customer for about 12 years .. First with my Labrador and now with my Jack Russell .. I could not wish for better care .. My Honey the Labrador that has now passed on .. had the best care ever .. Her Honey Chops were always happy going to see her vets at Parkside ..
Jackie Cunningham
Jackie C.
20:21 11 Jan 19
To me it has to be Parkside Veterinary Group in Dundee. Over the years I've been with them they have been a very supportive, genuine, caring and compassionate team. They have listened to any concerns I've had and put my mind at rest and are right there when I've needed them. I have also never had to struggle to get my two German Shepherds (Jessica & Zara) to Parkside. They tend to get a wee bit excited and are in the door before I am because as far as they are concerned they are going to see their pals.
Betty Keelan
Betty K.
18:52 10 Jan 19
Parkside vets were amazing a few weeks ago with my little kitten Belle.Just 10 weeks old, and she decides it would be great fun to play with an elastic band. By the time I seen her with it in her mouth and ran over to her to get it out, she had already swallowed it.An emergency appointment to the vet then followed where she had to be put under general anaesthetic to have an endoscope passed down her wee throat and into her stomach to retrieve it.Needless to say, she’s now back home playing and getting into more mischief like nothings happened; the wee pest!
Amy Cook
Amy C.
11:58 27 Dec 18
you care about the owners as well as the pets lost my cat while with you and my cat and I received so much care and compassion could not fault anything that you did for us.
Sandra Lawson
Sandra L.
10:18 27 Dec 18