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We want to minimise stress of cats visiting our clinic, so we are an ISFM registered cat friendly clinic. This means we make an extra special effort with all our feline patients, as we know how upsetting a trip to the vets can be for them. We have attained the Gold Standard Cat-Friendly Vet Clinic award in our Dundee Branch and a Silver award in Barnhill and Arbroath.

We understand the needs of cats, and have cat friendly facilities. At Dundee these include a separate cat waiting area with cat shelving and blankets, cat only ward, and cat only consultation room. At Barnhill and Arbroath these include cat tower with blankets for cat carriers in the waiting rooms, cat wards and cat only clinics. At Barnhill these are Thursday 4-5 and Arbroath these are XXXXX. When you arrive for your appointment the cat towers or shelving can be used to place your cat carrier above floor level and if you do not already have one you can borrow a blanket to cover the carrier so your cat feels more secure.

Coupled with a team of vets and nurses who are qualified as cat-friendly, led by Melissa Spence BVM&S MRCVS, you can be assured that your cat will receive the best care and gentle treatment tailored to their specific needs.

Book a Cat Friendly Appointment

To book an appointment with one of our cat friendly vets or nurses, please call our Dundee, Barnhill or Arbroath Branch and ask for a cat friendly appointment.

Dundee: 01382 810777
Barnhill: 01382 739634
Arbroath: 01241 293 777


To try and reduce the stress of this visit we recommend


  • Having a good cat carrier – this is usually one that is robust, easy to clean and opens at the top. 
  • Put a bed in the carrier that your cat normally sleeps on or is familiar to your cat and cover the carrier with a blanket or towel.
  • You could spray the carrier and blanket with a product like Feliway or Pet Remedy about 15 minutes before usage to reduce stress further.
  • Secure the carrier in a footwell or with a seatbelt and drive carefully
  • Ideally have the carrier as ‘part of the furniture’ at home even when your cat is not due an appointment. This way your cat can get used to it and it will have a familiar smell. If this is not possible then try gently wiping your cats face with a soft cloth and then rubbing the cloth on the carrier.

Our ISFM registered cat friendly staff


We have cat friendly advocates at all out practices who work hard to ensure our practice remains a cat-friendly standard and they are always thinking of ways to make visits as stress-free and pleasant as possible for your feline friend.

Dundee Cat Friendly staff

Our cat friendly advocates at Dundee include vets Melissa, Amy, Hazel, Mairi, Heather, Dawn and Laura. As well as nurses Amy, Jenna, Shona and Lissie.

Barnhill Cat Friendly staff

Our Barnhill cat friendly advocates include vets Alan and Jo and nurse Gillian.

Arbroath Cat Friendly Staff

Our Arbroath cat-friendly advocates include vet Fiona and nurse Sharon. 


Nurses Jenna, Gillian, Amy and Janet have all attained the ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing and nurse Amy also has the ISFM Diploma in Feline Nursing.

Useful Downloads for Cat Owners

We’ve included a few care sheets provided by ISFM below, which we think will be useful for our cat owners. As always, if you have any further questions about your cat, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll do all we can to help.


What is a cat friendly clinic?

Taking your cat home from the clinic

Giving tablets to your cat

Giving skin, ear or eye drops/ointment

Changing your cat’s food

Bringing your cat to the clinic