Using this form needs TWO clear working days' notice as emails are not constantly checked and medicines must be checked and dispensed by a Vet.

If your request is more urgent, please PHONE your request.

More explanation is on the NOAH web site HERE and you can watch various videos HERE

If you are not a Parkside client, then we cannot supply medicines without a prescription from your Vet.

You usually receive POM drugs (= prescription-only-medicines) when a pet is treated with us. These can only be prescribed by a Vet, but may be supplied by a Pharmacist, if you have a prescription. We can provide you with one if requested for a modest charge. Remember that you will be charged a dispensing fee as well as the drugs if you go to a Pharmacy.

For treating animals, Vets or Pharmacists are only allowed, by Law, to prescribe POMs which are LICENSED for animal use. Most of these are more expensive than a human eqivalent, but it is illegal for anyone to use an unlicensed drug, if there is a licensed Veterinary equivalent available. Our hands are tied on this matter, but we do try to choose the most economic way of buying licensed medicines so we can pass on the saving to you. We used to use some human eqivalents and so keep costs down for you, but it is now a criminal offence for us to do this, so we can only use more expensive versions which are licensed for animals.

If you see someone using a drug or receiving a drug from a pharmacy which is NOT licensed for animals, you should report this by contacting the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) -

National Office of Animal Health Ltd
3 Crossfield Chambers
Gladbeck Way
United Kingdom

Telephone us: +44 (0)20 8367 3131

Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Remember, to allow us to prescribe prescription medicines for your pet, the pets must be under our care. If your pet has not been seen in the last 6 months, then it is deemed to be no longer under our care and must be examined before more drugs are  prescribed. Some pets may need seen more often. This is a legal requirement and you will be charged for the full clinical examination.