Thank you for your continued understanding & cooperation and for helping us keep you, our team and the wider community safe.

Following current government advice, we are happy to be able to continue to provide RISK ASSESSED routine, essential and emergency equine veterinary care by our team of dedicated equine vets.

Animal welfare is our priority and assure you that, as always, Parkside Equine Vets are available with a dedicated team of vets 24/7 365 days a week.

As the lockdown measures are gradually relaxed we are now beginning to be able to carry out more routine work.



Following guidance, we are delighted to tell you that we are now able to carry out more routine work, including vaccinations  – those that are becoming due,  together with those that have lapsed during lockdown.  For any client registered with ourselves who has missed an annual vaccine during the lockdown,  we can offer a vaccine amnesty (meaning the cost of the 2nd vaccination of an initial course of three, will be free of charge).   We will be contacting clients in this respect but should you feel you fall in this category, please do not hesitate to phone the office and they will check the status of your horse’s vaccine.  As we appreciate that having to restart your horse’s vaccinations will be an extra cost not budgeted for,  we are booking these appointments into zone areas to be able to offer you the visit fee at a reduced rate.


Dental Care

Routine dentals can also be done too.  Please be aware that we will be doing a risk assessment and still be maintaining a 2m distance at the visit.  If your horse is due to have a vaccine, this is an ideal time to get your horses teeth checked. If your horse was due a dental during lockdown,  please contact the office to arrange.  During lockdown we were doing dentals for horses experiencing problems and obviously these can still be carried out.  Remember that having a healthy horse requires maintaining a healthy mouth.


Lameness Investigations

Although we have been seeing urgent acute lameness cases, we are now in the position to examine more subtle lameness issues. If your horse is currently lame or has had lameness concerns during lockdown, please feel free to contact us regarding a lameness investigation.



We are pleased to announce that we are able to operate from Ladybank premises.  Medications can be picked up there as they were done prior to the COVID pandemic.  This is during Ladybank opening hours.  We are also able to examine horses at the equine facility at Ladybank.  Please contact our equine office on 01382 811111 to arrange.


Please can we remind all clients that social distancing is still extremely important, we know it is easy to forget to stay 2m apart.  Please do not be offended or upset if the vet reminds you to keep your distance.



All appointments will be subject to our Covid-19 protocols and risk assessments and you will be advised of these when booking an appointment. You will also need to let us know if you have any Covid-19 symptoms or are self-isolating due to, for example, a member of your household being unwell.


Collecting Prescriptions

Collection of prescriptions has changed in line with our Covid-19 risk assessment.  Please order your prescription by telephone as normal.  One of our staff members will call you when this is ready for collection and request payment prior to collection.  When you arrive please contact us on  01382 811111 and let us know you are here.  The medication will then be handed out of the door, maintaining social distancing at all times.


We hope that all our clients and equine friends are continuing to stay safe.  We thank you for your patience, understanding and above all co-operation.

Remember to use our equine office 01382 811111 at any time of day or night and you will be put through to the correct person.