Parasite control is about far more than just worming. Targeted worm control provides a tailor-made approach designed by our vets, taking into account your individual horses needs. With resistance to wormers (where previously effective wormers no longer kill the worms) increasing far faster than new wormers are discovered it is essential that we reduce our reliance on these drugs. How does it work?


Targeted Worm Control - Parkside Vets



How does it work?

Faecal Worm Egg Counts (FWEC) are taken three times a year (April, June and Sept/Oct). Our annual tailored worming programme costs just £43 per horse, this includes 3 worm egg counts, an autumn wormer (that covers tape and round worms) and free advice and reporting from our dedicated equine vets. (please note, additional wormers will be at an extra cost).

We discuss the results with you and, if required, provide advice on, and supply the most appropriate wormer; last year 90% of the horses we tested didn’t need worming!

Simply call the Dundee surgery to order enough kits for each of your horses, send off the samples in our postage paid bags three times a year and we will take you through the rest.

Email reminders are provided and results are delivered in the same way to ensure that the whole process is quick, easy and provides your horse with the best possible programme.