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    Bull / Ram
    Fertility Testing

    At Parkside we offer pre-breeding examinations of Bulls and Rams which include the taking of a semen sample and its examination. The examination involves the vet palpating the scrotum, taking a testicle circumference measurement (the bigger the circumference the more semen that are produced), collection of a semen sample using our specialist elector-ejaculator and its examination under a microscope for motility and morphology (what the semen look like on an individual basis).

    It is estimated that 20-25% of bulls are infertile or sub-fertile. Sub-fertile bulls will get cows pregnant but the calving will be spread out, this is made worse if the bull has a lot of cows to get pregnant.


    Book a pre-breeding examination

    If you are interested in having you Bulls or Rams examined pre-breeding, please contact the office on
    01382 811111 and ask to speak to one of our farm vets.

    Farm Visits

    To arrange a visit, please call 01382 811111 during office hours.

    Please try to specify a broad time that is suitable to call and give a brief description of the animal's symptoms. Obviously, urgent calls take priority.

    Give your address and if your animal is not at your home farm, the directions to where we can find you. Please also leave a contact number in case we need further information.

    Routine procedures, such as pregnancy diagnosis, blood testing, castration and disbudding of calves should be booked in advance to ensure we have enough time allocated to complete the work.


    Book a Visit

    To arrange a visit, please call 01382 811111 during office hours