A very common issue is pets having a fear of coming to see us. This is the story of one such dog.

Max first came to see Vet Katie in February 2018 for his annual booster. Max was very mistrustful of strangers and was frightened in the consult room.
Hiding in the corner and growling and barking.

We could have gone ahead with his booster but very likely he would become more fearful next year or worse if he had pain or an unscheduled visit. We decided the best plan was to take some time to socialise with him.

Max’s owner agreed to come in for weekly appointments in order to help Max relax with Katie but also to get him used to the building and surroundings.

It took a long time but eventually a bond formed between Max and Katie and now he comes in for cuddles (and treats!) and will stand for a basic clinical exam.

Fear at the Vet is potentially serious and something we are seeing more and more commonly. Bringing your pets for regular “happy visits” are vital as one bad experience can put them off coming completely.

If your dog suffers from fear and anxiety coming into see us, we can help desensitise them. Fear usually triggers in the waiting room so by coming in regularly (how regularly depends on how anxious your pet is) this can help keep them to become calm and make the trip to vet much less daunting. Treats are an important part of this process so make sure to bring something really tasty and treat as soon as you walk in the front door. It’s a simple as walking through the front door, treating and leaving. Once this is less traumatic, we can start getting the staff involved.

If you have any questions on socialisation or fear and anxiety, please contact one of our surgeries.