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The loss of a pet is a very sad time and the bereavement can affect an owner deeply. Grieving for the loss of a pet through death or enforced separation can be a very sad and difficult experience and may lead to feelings of guilt, loneliness and even depression. To help, we can give advice on bereavement, or put you in contact with an expert who can help you to come to terms with your loss.


The Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service has a country-wide team of councilors who may be able to help you. This Support Line helps to share your feelings with someone who understands from personal experience just what you may be going through.

Their support line number is 0800 0966606 and the line is open 8.30am – 8.30pm. This number is free, but the councilor you will phone is on a higher rate phone line, to pay for expenses.

You can also seek support by email at the Blue Cross which caters for those who prefer to write down their feelings rather than call. 

It is worth having in mind, before the sad event, just what you would like to happen to your pet after he or she has passed away. Most are left with us and a Pet Cremation company will take your pet from us. There is a small charge to cover this expense. The company is very reputable and carry this out to the highest standards.

Some Owners wish ashes of their pet to be returned. This can be arranged, but it is quite expensive (around £160 for a medium sized dog, but this varies according the type of container chosen – we can advise). It is sensible to have a thought about this beforehand, so nothing is done on the spur of the moment. We will give you accurate costings if you would like further details. We have a brochure which shows the many options of urns and caskets available.

Burial is another option and there is a company towards Perth who have a garden of rest and will pick up your pet. You pay them directly. We have brochures at the surgeries. Home burial is another option.

It’s easy for clients to be very upset when a pet becomes old and frail and frequently has to be put to sleep. You may feel very isolated and that no-one can understand what you are going through.

Everyone at Parkside has been there and some of us, many times, so we can empathise and we do understand. We start all over again – not a new book, just a new chapter – knowing that our heart will be broken again, one day, but worth it for the years of happiness and fun.