As everyone will be aware Leptavoid and Spirovac have not been available due to manufacturing and supply issues respectively. We are now able to order Spirovac from our wholesalers from week beginning 6th May 2019.

This is an imported medicine from the USA, allowed due to exceptional circumstances. A “Special Treatment Authorisation” will need to be generated with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, for each order, by us.

To allow an order to be placed we would require the following:

  1. Farm name
  2. Total doses required
  3. Of the total doses, how many are for the second dose of a primary course

The pack sizes available will be 10 and 50 doses. Unfortunately, there are not many 10 dose packs available so we may have trouble sourcing these.


If you would like to place an order please call the Large Animal Office on 01382 811111