Stuart is one of the Directors at Parkside and has a specialisation in orthopaedics.  He is recognised by our governing body (RCVS) as an Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Orthopaedics and is one of only a few vets in the UK holding this qualification. He accepts referrals in this field from other practices and is only one a few Vets in Scotland to be able to carry out Cruciate rupture repairs using the Slocum method, after stufying this in USA. This allows for superior repair of this stabilising knee ligament. 

Stuart also carries out advanced diagnostic techniques for spinal injuries and complicated lamenesses. Much of his time is taken up fixing fractures using a range of metal hardware and increasingly using external fixators. Stuart can also carry out video-arthroscopy, where he can look into a joint and carry out procedures like curetting (trimming) cartillage and haemostasis. 

Your pet will will receive the best orthopaedic diagnosis and repair at Parkside.

Stuart works exclusively with pet medicine and surgery and is based at the Dundee surgery. He enjoys walking his labradors, a keen cyclist and tries hard to reduce his golf handicap - when time allows!