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Sunday 2nd August 2015


Artificial Insemination


Parkside Equine has the expertise and facilities to allow Artificial Insemination of mares from chilled or frozen semen. We have storage facilities for frozen semen which can be kept indefinitely.

Insemination is best done at our equine facility, where subsequent scanning would be done to ensure pregnancy and to check for abnormalities. A pre-covering ultrasound scan is always recommended to ensure there are no problems like endometritis. Timing is critical so there are hormones which may need to be used prior to insemination to ensure your mare is at the correct stage of her cycle.

If you need informaton and/or prices, contact Alistair Crozier or Richard Mauritzen (partners) by phoning the direct dial Parkside Equine number - 01382 811111 - or send your query using the Enquiry form on the left